I'm 21 years old, italian and currently living in Sydney. At the moment I'm working as a swimming teacher but when I can I try to practice and develop my drawing skills~

are you going to draw Sasuke or team 7 now that we have Sasuke design for the movie?

I would like to but Sasuke’s full design is still not out yet. I will wait for more details :) cheers!

I think we'll be getting the trailer for LoK tomorrow! Nickelodeon confirmed it on their Twitter, if I'm not mistaken. *squeals*

That’s great! I’m so excited now!!

You know I don’t read Haikyuu!! but I stumbled upon a doujinshi and for the first half of it, I really thought it was the real one. The art style was amazing and really close to the original, it really made me fall for that…wow…

Then the yaoi started.