I'm 21 years old, italian and currently living in Sydney. At the moment I'm working as a swimming teacher but when I can I try to practice and develop my drawing skills~

I don't understand why people give you so much shit for drawing Narusaku. Like there are plenty of Naruhina/Sasusaku artists, like idk why these turds come and bother you tbh. You deserve way better treatment imo.

Thank you for your words. I really don’t get it either, just when I upload a Narusaku fanart antis have to always bash me for some reasons… They just look desperate to me… Luckily there are amazing fans in their fandom too. Cheers!

 suzuchun replied to your post:
im laughing so hard rn omg is this person for real ?!?

Tell me about it … I don’t know why she is so pissed off when I just said that I’m not a fan of Hinata. Am I not allowed to have my own preferences? Geez…

The truth is you don't like Hinata just because she gets in the way of your crackship!! Sasusaku fans like Hinata and sakura. Hinata is the sweetest girl on the show. You can like sakura without bashing hinata. That goes for your ass kissers too. Have a nice day.


hello ladygt. i just wanted to ask if Comic Alley (a popular anime merchandise shop in the Philippines) asked for your permission to print your poster (this link is from your deviantart) art/Naruto-Poster-01-173606336 I was browsing through their Naruto posters (which were all probably fan arts) when I immediately recognized your art.

Oh no… Is it the minakushi & narusaku one??? OMG this might be the fifth report in a month! Of the same poster too!

No I didn’t give the permission to print it… But Thank you anyway for reporting it, I appreciated it a lot.

(Here I thought people hated NS/MK parallelisms)